SC500AI Widescreen Smart Image Sensor

We are excited to introduce our new SC500AI Widescreen Smart Image Sensor for all 5 megapixel cameras in our NDAA-compliant SMART product line. With this innovative sensor, GRUNDIG Security enhances the visual experience on modern LCD displays, bridging the gap between image output and natural human vision.


Thanks to SmartClarity Technology, the SC500AI sensor increases the number of pixels by 20% compared to many 5MP products on the market. Instead of cropping a 5MP 4:3 image down to 4 megapixels, the full resolution of the sensor is utilized to achieve a true 16:9 aspect ratio with 1620P. This effectively reduces dark edges and distortion on both sides of the image caused by uneven scaling while achieving a true 16:9 aspect ratio with an additional 10% horizontal viewing area.


The SC500AI sensor boasts improved sensitivity and reduced noise, even under high-temperature conditions, thanks to the unique SFCPixel® technology. The PixGain® technology also enables excellent High Dynamic Range (HDR) performance, even under glaring sunlight.


Experience the benefits of the SC500AI Widescreen Smart Image Sensor in the NDAA-compliant 5 megapixel SMART line cameras from GRUNDIG Security and enhance your security system today!

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