Many small to medium-sized systems can manage without any special  requirements. Often, it’s enough just to save video sequences, so that in case of an incident the course of events can be determined in the light of the recordings. For standard applications like this, GRUNDIG Security offers a comprehensive range: cameras that supply perfect high resolution images, irrespective of the light conditions, and recorders that store video sequences for weeks or months when required, even if this is rarely done today for reasons of data privacy.

So many features for a wide range of applications. But the unique thing about GRUNDIG Security is the uncomplicated forensic search function of the GRUNDIG Video Management System powered by C-WERK. This makes it possible for you to find the recordings that really interest you in a gigantic archive of video data, with little effort and in no time at all.

As an installer or end user of the new GRUNDIG products and solutions, what can you expect? Leaving our tried and tested reliability aside, you will also find a whole lot of image analysis functions, for the most part supported by artificial intelligence (AI). And there’s a lot of functionality available. You can use facial recognition, for instance, to recognise people, or the LPR function to identify vehicle licence plates. Or you can quite simply reduce the frequency of false alarms signalling a spurious break-in or perimeter breach, by classifying objects as ‘vehicle’, ‘person’ or ‘other’.

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