C-Werk Key Features

Key Features

The Grundig Video Management System powered by C-WERK is the advanced solution for video security systems in virtually all areas of application. The C-WERK sets new standards, especially with its simple and user-friendly operation. Regardless of the requirements placed, C-WERK allows you to effectively meet almost any challenge: with logical, systematic, and especially user-friendly implementation. The C-WERK platform is completely scalable and modular — and it features open system architecture. The simple license model enables individual solutions, and you will pay for only what you need. The Grundig VMS powered by C-WERK is based on an end-to-end concept with a unified software solution throughout: ranging from IP camera / recorder freeware to a video management solution for extensive, complex video facilities.


Forensic Search is an impressive tool that searches for certain scenes, objects or self-determined properties such as object size, color, speed and direction It is also possible to search specifically for people or Vehicles.

Face Search works to recognise and identify faces. In addition, it is possible to compare the recognized face with an already existing photo to carry out further automated actions.

License Plate Recognition allows system operators to identify, track and analyse vehicles at entry and exit points. Automatically capture license plaes in both still or moving traffic to automatically open barriers or deny access, removing the need of a dedicated LPR operator

Open Platform VMS by C-WERK

C-WERK is best-in-class, new-generation Video Management Software that is based on open standards to offer a truly open platform. C-WERK’s reliability, performance, and convenience are unmatched on the market. Experience unprecedented flexibility and freedom of configuration: unlimited number of video servers, video cameras, workstations and mobile client devices, and more than 10.000 IP devices are all supported. Thanks to the program's application programming interface (API), C-WERK allows easy integration with third-party hardware to extend your video system’s functionality even further. The advanced ergonomic interface makes all functions intuitively easy to use and find. A transparent customer-oriented pricing policy means that you can take advantage of the program’s full functionality, no matter the size of your system

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