NDAA compliant switches from Grundig Security!

Dear customers,

As your partner, our aim is to provide you with comprehensive solutions. To strengthen this approach, we have added have expanded our SMART product line with three NDAA-compliant PoE switches (4-, 8- and 16-port models). The smart managed switches from GRUNDIG Security offer a range of configuration options and management functions, enable PoE transmission up to 250 metres, and offer 4 KV surge protection.


4 Port Unmanaged PoE Switch        8 Port Unmanaged PoE Switch        16-port smart managed PoE switch
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The 4-, 8-, and 16-port PoE switches allow for the activation and deactivation of individual ports as needed. Additionally, they provide PoE consumption statistics for efficient monitoring and control of energy use. The review of log files assists in thoroughly documenting and analyzing operation. Moreover, a firmware upgrade option is available, ensuring the switches are always up-to-date. Another key feature of the NDAA-compliant switches is the 4-kV surge protection, which protects the devices from overvoltage damage.

Another advantage: Configuration and management can be comfortably handled via the free SMART Software GU-SW-VMS from GRUNDIG Security!


The free SMART PC software GU-SW-VMS is compatible with all devices in the SMART product line from GRUNDIG Security. In addition to freely configurable user layouts, it offers synchronized playback for up to 16 cameras and remote management of connected devices. For real-time video preview and remote parameterization of the connected cameras and recorders, there is also a mobile GSVM app available for iOS and Android, in addition to the desktop application, naturally also available for free.

GSVM App | Android
GSVM App | iOS

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