LPR technology

Grundig License plate capture cameras are specialized CCTV cameras that have built in software to help identify and record license plates on still or moving vehicles. The camera supports white list and output relay and can be used as standalone solution to open gates or barriers. With Grundig NVR and VMS the camera is perfectly integrated to manage car entrances and exits. 2 models are available with different lens focal length:

GD-CI-CT2647T - 2 Megapixel Bullet IP-Camera 2,8~12mm Motorized Zoom Lens,
GD-CI-DT2647T - 2 MP Bullet IP-Camera 8~32mm Motorized Zoom Lens.

The cameras can be used near a barrier or for long distance recognition of car number plates. Intelligent traffic modes built into the cameras allows to compensate for speed, weather, and headlight issues which all make it challenging to capture a usable video that identifies license plates.


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