Grundig Security presents "Smart" Product Line

The new SMART product line from GRUNDIG Security comprises nine camera models with 5 or 8 megapixels resolution and various form factors. The new product line is complemented by four - partly fanless - 4-, 8- and 16-channel recorders. A comprehensive range of accessories rounds off the NDAA-compliant SMART product line.


What can you expect from the new SMART product line from GRUNDIG Security?

Leaving our tried and tested reliability aside, you will also find a whole lot of image analysis functions, supported by artificial intelligence (AI). And there’s a lot of functionality available. You can use facial recognition, for instance, to recognise people, or the LPR function to identify vehicle licence plates. Or you can quite simply reduce the frequency of false alarms signalling a spurious break-in or perimeter breach, by classifying objects as ‘vehicle’, ‘person’ or ‘other’.


The SMART cameras from GRUNDIG Security can recognise faces in crowds of people, count heads and determine the length of queues at your supermarket till, therefore helping you to make the best possible use of your resources. They’ll let you know when unauthorised people cross pre-defined lines or enter certain areas, and they’ll trigger an alarm when objects are left at your doorstep. In the following overview we have compiled the analysis functions for you:

  • Identify licence plates
  • Classify persons & vehicles
  • Identify faces
  • Enter area
  • Manage queues
  • Detect left/removed objects
  • Use Heat Map
  • Cross lines
  • Analyse crowds
  • Count people/objects
  • Detect unsual noises

You'd rather see these analysis functions in action? Then take a look at the "SMART Line". 


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