Grundig Security's 12MP 360° camera GD-CI-BT12617F with panomorph lens


Thanks to the panoramic view of the GD-CI-BT12617F 12MP 360-degree camera with panomorph lens, you won't miss a thing! The optical design of the integrated panomorph lens provides improved resolution and flawless display of certain image areas. The integrated dewarping function allows a total of 18 display modes, including 360° panoramas with digital PTZ view. The images can be displayed either in the form of a dome or a cylinder. Both displays offer extensive possibilities to adjust the image as required.

Watch our "dewarping" demo video!


  • H.265/H.265+, H.264/H.264+ und MJPEG compression modes
  • IP67
  • 12MP
  • 1.29mm fisheye lens
  • Dewarp on board
  • Panomorph lens
  • 18 display modes in total
  • Two-way audio: The camera has an integrated loudspeaker and a built-in microphone.This enables the user to communicate with someone in front of the camera.


 The camera features various intelligent analytical tools: 
  • Motion detection 
  • Intrusion detection 
  • Object removal 
  • Object placement 
  • Entering or leaving a defined zone 
  • Exceptionally high (audio) volume in the area
 360 kamera2.jpg  


360 kamera_map.jpg

The camera can create a heatmap. This allows certain movement flows to be displayed with their intensity made visible through different colors. Various reports (daily, monthly, etc.) are available and can be exported.


360 kamera_4.png

With this camera, movements at an intersection can be analyzed and displayed. You can create daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports.



The camera has an integrated software solution for people counting. You can display the number of people in a specific area in live view as well as in reports.


360 kamera_6.png   360 kamera_7.png 
Wall mount bracket GD-BR-AMW19  

        Junction box GD-BR-AJX08

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